Ridgeview Wine Estate

Since 1995, Ridgeview has been producing world-class English sparkling wine in Sussex, focusing on quality and sustainability from grape to glass.

In recent years Ridgeview’s Wine Club, ‘OurView’, has been added to their offering. This members only club is based around exclusive wine cases, and including member discounts, access to rare archive wines, bespoke events and so much more.

As popularity and competition grew the club’s administration was creating operational challenges and Ridgeview wanted a marketing platform to raise awareness and simplify the manual processes required to administer it.

What we did

Design and Development
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Payment Integration



The Objective

Ridgeview Wine Estate set out to revolutionise its wine club experience, ‘OurView’. Their existing manual processes, managed through spreadsheets, demanded a sophisticated solution to elevate both customer satisfaction and internal efficiency. Challenges such as resource-intensive manual processes and workflows, system integration gaps, a lack of a refined customer journey, limited insights into customer behaviour, and intense competition in the wine club space underscored the need for change.

The Solution

We addressed Ridgeview’s intricate offerings, promising a seamless customer journey and streamlined internal processes. The collaborative Discovery Workshop focused our efforts not only on meeting the initial objectives but also improving customer experience, providing a smoother and more engaging experience for Ridgeview’s customers. The solution would give ‘OurView’ a fitting marketing platform to springboard to greater success.

From onboarding the customer via an intuitive step-by-step process, creating an account and assigning an membership ID, setting up a direct debit with GoCardless, adding a welcome product in Woocommerce including fulfilment with Zenstores we were able to connect the dots to make these stages a simple process to manage.

The collaborative effort played a pivotal role, not only met the initial objectives but also foresaw and minimised potential challenges, ensuring a smooth implementation process. Through clear and engaging project management the end result saw an exclusive, members only portal that refined focus on customer experience, strategic technology integration, and simplified financial integration, all positioning OurView for growth.

Post-launch, the project showcased increased user engagement, improved satisfaction, and positive financial impacts, laying a scalable foundation for future enhancements and strengthening Ridgeview’s industry reputation.

“Looking ahead to 2024, the successful completion of OurView has positioned the wine club for sustained growth and competitiveness.

Gold Pebble have delivered an intuitive and exclusive platform for our members, enhancing their experience. Not only have Gold Pebble achieved everything we had initially hoped for, but also reinforced our brand, encouraged more engagement and given us a great foundation to drive OurView’s future success.

Plus, the time the new automations are saving us means we can put more effort and resources into higher value activities, which in turn increases awareness and enhances our Ridgeview’s reputation and delivers a great customer experience.”
Cara Liddiard, Ecommerce and Wine Club Executive


Process Automation
Maximising resources for growth!
While accommodating a shift in focus towards enhancing the customer experience, we never lost sight of eliminating the resource-heavy manual processes. The new portal not only automates much of the previous process but helps build a loyal membership base and provides a flexible platform for the future.
Building for the future
Looking forward, the project’s focus on scalability will be crucial in accommodating future growth and expansion. The groundwork laid during this project will facilitate the seamless integration of additional features, services, or increased user loads, ensuring the platform remains agile and responsive to evolving market demands.
Brand Building
Exclusivity in a competitive market
The project’s success is already strengthening the company’s brand image and industry reputation. Feedback received post-launch has been nothing but positive, with the completed project serving as a catalyst for both OurView’s and Ridgeview’s continued growth, innovation, and success.