Optimise Your Website’s Future

Unlock your website’s full potential with our comprehensive website report

  • Detailed performance analysis
  • SEO health check
  • Dependency evaluation
  • Stability and affordability assessment
  • Future-proofing strategy

Our website reports cover the following 6 topics:

1. Performance

From scrutinising image sizes to assessing overall optimisation and visibility to search engines, we cover every angle to ensure your website not only loads quickly but also ranks well.

2. Website Dependencies

This section is designed to safeguard your online presence by conducting a meticulous review of your website’s plugins, third-party libraries, and any other dependencies that are crucial for its operation. This service is specifically tailored to identify vulnerabilities, ensure everything is up-to-date, and assess the overall security posture of your website.

3. Website Review

This service delves deep into the technological foundations of your website, evaluating whether the software and platforms in-use are ideally suited to meet your business objectives and scale with your growth. For Level 1, we provide a brief analysis looking at the design and user experience while Level 2 reviews are in more detail. Level 3 is advanced with heatmap reviews and hierarchal analysis.

4. Security

Our comprehensive security report for a website covers aspects such as vulnerability assessments, which identify security weaknesses that could be exploited; penetration testing results (level 3), which simulate cyber attacks to test the website’s defences; and an analysis of security protocols, such as encryption methods and authentication processes. We explain in an easy plain English review.

5. Brand Review

The brand review section of the website design process ensures that the website accurately embodies the business’s values, aesthetic, and messaging. This is achieved by comparing the current brand guidelines with your website.

6. SEO Optimisation

In our Level 2 and Level 3 reports we scan your website to ensure it meets standards for Google. From the way the page has been built through to effective meta descriptions and Flesh reading score.

What can I do with the reports?

Just like a house survey report you can use the downloadable PDF to understand in more detail your return on investment. In many cases, you may not need to build a new website but improve in specific areas. We can help you depending on your timescale, budget and needs.


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