Hastings Chamber

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Hastings, the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce stands as the beacon of business advocacy for Hastings, St Leonards, and the surrounding regions. With a mission to amplify the collective voice of businesses, the Chamber serves as a conduit, bridging members to governmental, community, and industry stakeholders.

Leveraging its digital presence via website resources, e-newsletters, and personalised engagements, the Chamber not only elevates the visibility of its members but also champions their achievements and milestones. As a catalyst for collaboration and growth, the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce embodies the spirit of community-driven commerce, empowering businesses to thrive and flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

As a result it’s website is a crucial foundation for every aspect of it’s work, getting it right is critical to the Chamber’s success…

What we did

Design and Development
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Payment Integration



The Objective

Hastings Chamber had a few hurdles to overcome with their previous website and administrative setup. First off, their booking process was a bit clunky, and there were some payment issues that left users hanging without confirmation. Imagine booking an event and not knowing if your spot was secured – frustrating, right?

Then, there was the whole navigation headache. The website was like a maze; users had to dig around to find what they needed. And let’s not even talk about the tired look of the site. It was way past its prime, giving off an outdated vibe that didn’t match the Chamber’s professionalism.

Behind the scenes, things weren’t much better. The back-office processes were like something out of the Stone Age, with loads of manual tasks and plugins making everything more complicated than it needed to be.

To top it off, there was a struggle to get folks on board with direct debit payments for memberships. It’s understandable – who wants to deal with the hassle of manual payments when everything else is moving towards automation?

The Solution

We really wanted to give Hastings Chamber’s website a fresh, professional look and feel. You know, something that reflects the Chamber’s image and professionalism. Plus, we wanted to make things easier behind the scenes, so we streamlined their admin processes. No more manual headaches!

Then there’s the navigation. We wanted users to glide through the site effortlessly, especially when booking events. And speaking of events, we broadened the payment options. GoCardless and Stripe came into play here, offering more flexibility for users. And to top it off, we nudged folks towards using direct debit for memberships. It’s just so much more convenient, don’t you think?

Basically, we aimed to simplify everything for Hastings Chamber. Managing events and handling memberships can be a handful, but with our help, they’re sailing smoothly into the future with a modern, user-friendly website.

So, imagine this: it’s 10 p.m., and someone’s just remembered they need to register for an event or renew their membership with Hastings Chamber. Now, traditionally, they’d have to wait until the next day to do this, right? But not anymore!

With the new payment options we’ve integrated, like GoCardless and Stripe, users can make transactions at any time, day or night. Whether it’s setting up a direct debit or making a one-off payment, the flexibility is there. This is especially crucial for Hastings Chamber, as their customer base likely includes busy professionals who may not have the time during conventional working hours to handle these tasks.

So, by offering these 24/7 payment options, we’re essentially providing an ‘always-on’ service for Hastings Chamber. No more waiting until Monday morning to get things done. Customers can engage with the Chamber whenever it’s convenient for them, whether it’s early in the morning before work or late at night after the kids are asleep. It’s all about meeting the needs of today’s busy, on-the-go professionals.

“Gold Pebble’s expertise and dedication in revamping our website has truly taken Hastings Chamber to the next level. Not only did they address our objectives with precision, but they also tackled our challenges head-on, providing innovative solutions that have significantly improved our operations.

Our website now boasts a smart, professional look and feel, with streamlined navigation and a seamless booking process. The integration of GoCardless and Stripe has revolutionised our payment options, making transactions easier for our members, even outside conventional working hours. We’ve never had so many members sign up since Gold Pebble’s solution!

Thanks to Gold Pebble, we’re now equipped to serve our members more efficiently and effectively, paving the way for future growth and success.”
Sean Dennis, Director, Hastings Chamber


Website Transformation
Website Glow-Up Ignites Business Growth
Gold Pebble spearheaded a complete overhaul of Hastings Chamber’s website, infusing it with modern design, user-friendly features, and seamless payment integration. The transformation optimised operations, streamlined booking processes, and elevated the chamber’s online presence, resulting in enhanced engagement, membership growth, and event participation. The new portal not only automates much of the previous process but helps build a loyal membership base and provides a flexible platform for the future.
Payment Innovation
Simplify Payments, Boosting Revenue
Gold Pebble’s integration of GoCardless and Stripe brought round-the-clock convenience to Hastings Chamber, catering to their diverse demographic. By enabling seamless payment processing at any hour, the Chamber saw increased revenue streams and member engagement. Say goodbye to payment limitations and hello to ’round-the-clock financial empowerment!”
Operational Efficiency
Unlock potential and streamline success
Gold Pebble’s operational overhaul revitalised Hastings Chamber, enhancing efficiency across the board. With automated processes and intuitive navigation, the Chamber bid farewell to clunky operations, freeing up team members for higher-value work. Say hello to smoother workflows and increased productivity!