Hastings United FC

Hastings United, led by James Hopkins, embarked on a website revamp with Gold Pebble to enhance their online presence. The club, encompassing various teams like the Academy, Disability team, and Men’s and Women’s squads, needed a cohesive digital platform.

Gold Pebble founders, Dean Hodges and Paul Goldsmith, being supporters and parents of Academy players, aligned with the club’s ethos and community focus. Furthermore they knew the intricacies required to help Hastings United engage supporters, volunteers, and commercial partners through user-friendly website with quick information access.

For Hastings United the importance of local connections is critical, not just as a grassroots football club but for all the facets that come with an organisation like this in our current economic climate. The website will not only have met its objectives but also help position Hasting United for future opportunities, supporting the club’s growth and commercial endeavors.

What we did

Design and Development
UI/UX Design
Web Design
E-commerce integration



The Objective

Hastings United needed a comprehensive website overhaul, aiming to address several key objectives. Firstly, the club sought a dynamic online platform capable of effectively representing its diverse components: the Academy, Disability team, and Men’s and Women’s squads. Secondly they wanted to reflect the club’s goals and ambitions, using the website as a tool to elevate the perception of the club reflecting the drive of the new owners.

As a tech partner, Gold Pebble was tasked with not just creating a website but contributing to the club’s journey and overall success. The revamp was not merely a visual upgrade but a crucial step in the club’s transition from a challenging period to one marked by increased attendance and a positive outlook. The objectives extended beyond aesthetics, emphasising the importance of a functional, up-to-date website for fan satisfaction, commercial success, and efficient communication. In essence, Hastings United aimed to leverage its online platform, facilitated by Gold Pebble, as a catalyst for growth, community engagement, and sustainable success in the football industry.

The Solution

Gold Pebble’s approach to revitalising the Hastings United website was nothing short of transformative. First and foremost, they recognised the diverse facets of the club, prompting the development of dual web platforms. One, meticulously tailored for the Academy and Disability team, ensuring specialised content and engagement opportunities. The other, dedicated to the main club, aimed at delivering an excellent user experience for the devoted supporters.

A key pillar of Gold Pebble’s strategy was the emphasis on crafting user personas. By understanding the unique needs of supporters and volunteers, the website became more than just an online presence—it evolved into a personalised space resonating with the varied audience segments within Hastings United.

The aesthetic transformation of the website was not just about visual appeal but a commitment to a modern and clean layout. This design philosophy not only contributed to a positive user experience but also reflected the forward-thinking approach of Hastings United.

Crucially, the website became a hub for up-to-date information. Whether it was match results, upcoming events, or team updates, the real-time nature of the content ensured that fans were consistently in the loop, fostering a deeper connection between the club and its supporters.

Commercial integration was seamlessly woven into the fabric of the website. From a club shop to hospitality options and commercial partnerships, every aspect was designed to enhance the overall fan experience while bolstering the club’s commercial initiatives—contributing significantly to its financial success.

Recognising the prevalence of mobile device usage, Gold Pebble ensured that the website was not only visually appealing on desktops but also optimised for mobile platforms. This mobile responsiveness was a strategic move to enhance accessibility, allowing fans to stay connected and engaged with Hastings United even on the go.

In essence, Gold Pebble’s solution for Hastings United went beyond a mere website redesign. It was a holistic transformation, introducing a comprehensive set of functions and features. This not only met the diverse needs of the football club and its community but set the stage for continued growth and success.

“From the outset the relationship between Hastings United and Dean and Paul wasn’t merely a technical partnership; it was a testament to shared passion—both as tech partners and as dedicated parents and supporters of Academy players, a passion that shone through every aspect of the project.

What Gold Pebble have done here with a club of our size, is encapsulate everything we do in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way, and we’re getting results out of it.

As a club, we love it, and the supporters love it too, which is the most important thing. And for a management committee and club board, it’s made much easier for us to manage a club with a good clean website that gives out the information we need.

At every stage of the project they kept us updated which is not always easy as we are so busy running the club. The communication was good. The technical information was understandable, clear visuals, and time to give us a chance to update stuff.

Beyond delivering a website, the collaboration was a shared journey toward achieving the club’s objectives. They’ve put a lot of heart and soul into our website, it’s clear the guys are passionate about what they do, and they’ve done us proud. ”
James Hopkins, Hastings United Business Manager


On-target for net success!
Gold Pebble prioritised persona-focused design, creating dual platforms for the Academy, Disability team, and the main club. By crafting user personas tailored to corporate partners, supporters and volunteers, the website’s layout, features, and content ensure a truly engaging experience. Each element is focused to provide the user with what they need at the right time, and they all come together to provide a great tool for the club now and in the future.
Pitching in for growth
Our collaboration with Hastings United goes beyond mere web design; it’s a testament to supporting community empowerment. Recognising the pivotal role the club plays, not just in football but as a local institution, our partnership emphasises community engagement. We’ve created a unified digital space that mirrors the club’s commitment to inclusivity. This holistic approach fosters not only fan interaction but also opens avenues for local businesses to support and thrive with the club. In essence, it’s more than a website; it’s a community catalyst propelling Hastings United into a future marked by shared success.
Brand Building
Promotion bound brand elevation!
Our collaboration has not only resulted in a visually appealing website but has supported the strategic elevation of the club’s brand. Our approach not only enhances fan experience but also sets the stage for future community and commercial endeavours, ensuring Hastings United’s brand punches above it’s weight, resonating strongly in both local and extended spheres.