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Our process is key for the success of all of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers. Being transparent, open, and collaborative, yet challenging we help you to answer the questions you have.

Outlined below is our project process from start to finish. Some projects may not require all of these stages.

Initial Investigation

Identifying your long term goals

During our Research and Analysis, we review your market, goals and target audience. We take a deep dive into understanding who they are., their habits and behaviours using available analytics and persona research.

Understanding your needs
Working with you and your team, we curate a collaborative workshop helping us to understand your business, market position, frustrations and set project goals.
Taking all of your existing analysis to help define your audience, business intentions and common goals to create a series of project references.
After learning as much about you and your business, the project objectives, we then work towards the solution.
Discovery Session
A workshop curated by Gold Pebble to help understand, you, your team, your business and the project
Discover key traits, relationships, data and trends
Market Research
We help you to identify your audience's key traits and how it can benefit you
Competitor Analysis
Analysing your key USPs against your competitors ensures you stay ahead of your competition

Understanding your business

Understanding your business and project objectives is paramount to the project success. We start by deep-diving into a discovery session hosted by us. Learning about you, your team, challenges, customer voice, business position and more, we really do become an extension of your team! Once completed we produce a report for review and discussion.

Project Timeline

Tactical thinking of a business strategy

During the planning phase we align ourselves and agree milestones that meet the needs of your business ensuring the project remains on course for completion. We schedule regular drop-in sessions while maintaining tasks via our project management tool (Asana) or our very own Gold Pebble Content Hub.

Dedicated Project Manager
Throughout the project lifespan you will be assigned a dedicated project manager ensuring communication remains clear and on-track. They are in regular contact with your key stakeholders and ensure the project is delivered as agreed and expected.
Content Hub
Our Content Hub is the home for all of our projects. You can write draft content, approve and collaborate with your team and your Project Manager. Our live project view for timelines highlight when project milestones are due, completed or available for review.

Where it all comes together

Our implementation stage is the marriage of our discovery, data analysis, business & user understanding along with the project objectives. We scope out the user flow defining key touch points and progress these ideas into wireframes. Once these are completed and approved we move the project to the visual design stage. Here we integrate your brand and unify the user experience.

Flow & Structure
Taking the user persona and analytics research we can define a user flow for the best user experience. This helps to identify key/missing touch points which then can be reviewed and addressed.
Our wireframes helps to start visualising the project. We can see how the page can be divided up based on hierarchy and design to create a clear, cohesive set of blueprints ready to add your brand.
Visual Design
This is where we bring your brand to the design. We overlay the wireframes with your logo, brand colours, fonts and any other applicable brand guidelines to create a series of designs for your feedback.

Bringing it all together

User & Compatibility Testing
Using a combination of tools available to us we check against all major browsers and devices. Depending on the project requirements we can also host virtual and in-person user testing sessions.
Phase Reviews
We schedule with you a two round review process where we walk through your feedback before your final review and sign off.
Go live (and beyond!)

Pushing the go-live button has never been so exciting!

Now the project has been approved and milestones aligned it is now time to launch! We monitor our go-live checklist and ensure each element is ready. We also schedule a 2 and 4 week post launch review.

We don’t stop here! We actively encourage our clients to join us in reviewing the project and provide insights on next steps and review of the KPIs. Analytical studies are incubated for further discussion providing insights on the launch to help steer future direction.

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