Meet the team

Gold Pebble’s team is a synergy of expertise, visionary thinking, problem-solving decisions, creativity, all brought together to help build long-lasting relationships.

Paul Goldsmith
Co-founder / Project Lead
Dean Hodges
Co-founder / Technical Lead
Taran Stafford
Lead Developer
Connor McNally
Graphic/UI Designer

Great people make great work

Gold Pebble was founded by the creative mind of Dean Hodges, D&AD (Design & Art Direction) award-winning designer, and the analytical brain from Paul Goldsmith (over 20 years in technology).

Together, along with their unique ability to deep-dive and understand the organisations they work with, they help create market-leading digital solutions.

We are based in Hastings, East Sussex

What people are saying about us

Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews.

“We chose Gold Pebble as unlike many others they took the time to understand what we were looking for and how to work together to achieve it. The relationship is collaborative and flexible to realise a fantastic site. The team really went above and beyond working not only with us but with our 3rd party integrated company. I cannot recommend the team highly enough!”
Ross Davenport, UK Getaways

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