Kangaroo Connections

Kangaroo Connections wanted a website to increase leads, tailor marketing nationally and increase digital presence. They are a small, local social media agency that offers social media management training and consultancy to their clients.

Previously known as “Social Bee” they have been working with small and medium businesses for the last 6 years. They wanted a website to increase leads, tailor marketing nationally and increase digital presence.

What we did

Design and Development
Eventbrite API Integration
UI/UX Design
Web Design



The Objective

Cale Sinfield and Kangaroo Connections were looking to generate more leads, tailor their marketing nationally and increase their digital presence. Cale’s mission is to grow the business beyond just being ‘the local guy’ and turn it into a bigger, national operation.

Kangaroo Connections’ previous websites, like Social Bee, were difficult to update, maintain and required a lot of “tech knowledge” to make changes. With this in mind, Cale wanted a website solution that would be easy to create content for and integrate with his other existing services such as Zoho and Eventbrite.

The Solution

Gold Pebble’s approach was to first understand Kangaroo Connections’ business mission and provide the right tools for them to grow nationally. Taking the branding created by Pen&Pringle we created a WordPress website using our Content Hub, own, flexible method of creating page designs. We also optimised the content on the site to create a rich SEO sitemap to highlight Kangaroo Connections’ different services.

Moreover, our integration extended to Eventbrite, Calendly, and Zoho, enabling Kangaroo Connections to offer branded landing pages for events and the convenience of booking meetings/calls. Additionally, our integration with powerful Zoho marketing tools enhances Cale’s customer journeys.

“I knew it would be good with how passionate Gold Pebble are with helping businesses. When I saw the new site I was blown away. I now have the ability to make changes as and when I can. ”
Cale Sinfield, Director


Connecting your website with your services
After looking at the tools in Kangaroo Connections current tech stack we built their website to fully optimise these 3rd party services. We successfully integrated Calendly, Eventbrite and Zoho to enhance their CX (Customer Experience) and simplify operations.
We ❤️ Design
Branding starts with a vision
Using the branding created by Jen at Pen&Pringle we worked with Cale and our Content Hub to create a website which amplifies Kangaroo Connections intentions to be a national company.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Managing content is easy!
We have simplified the website’s updating process by creating a series of very simple content blocks to allow Cale and the team to manage, edit and create content without technical experience.
Search Engine Optimisation
Site map to help spread the word!
Our SEO work has allowed Cale and the team to organise their content to be aligned with Google’s best practice recommendations. Additional pages were created to highlight each service allowing the user to find what they need quickly and clearly.
Secure hosting services
Kangaroo Connections is part of Gold Pebble’s shared network of websites. We have a special package for introductory websites allowing managed services and scalability without the need huge hosting costs.
Business starts now!
Kangaroo Connections has a local presence with a national appeal. With their strong brand, our quality website design and development and these essential integrations there is no reason why Kangaroo Connections will not be enjoying national success very soon!