We're proud to celebrate Sussex Day!

As a Hastings based company with Sussex home to all of our employees, Gold Pebble is proud to celebrate Sussex Day on June 16th. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Sussex. As such we love to get involved with great events in Hastings and the wider community.

Gold Pebble’s (abridged) history of Sussex Day

Sussex Day is celebrated on St. Richard’s Day. Observed annually on June 16th, it honours the feast day of St. Richard of Chichester, the patron saint of Sussex. This special day was officially established in 2007 following a proposal by a resident to the West Sussex County Council.

The flag of Sussex was officially registered in 2010. It showcases six golden martlets placed on a blue field. The design symbolises the six historic subdivisions, known as Rapes, within the county. These divisions include:

  • Chichester, which encompasses Bognor Regis, Selsey, and Midhurst
  • Arundel, incorporating Littlehampton
  • Bramber, with Worthing, Horsham, Crawley (west), Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick, and Steyning
  • Lewes, featuring Brighton and Hove, Crawley (centre and east), Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Peacehaven, Newhaven, and Telscombe
  • Pevensey, including Eastbourne, Seaford, East Grinstead, Crowborough, Hailsham, Uckfield, and Heathfield.
  • Hastings, incorporating Bexhill-on-Sea, Rye, and Battle

Starting in 2013, the tradition began of raising the flag in each of Sussex’s six ancient sub-divisions during the week leading up to the 16th of June. You can catch a glimpse of the flag fluttering above notable landmarks such as the Council House in Chichester, Maltravers Street in Arundel, St. Nicholas’ Church in Bramber and Pevensey, Lewes Castle, and Hastings Castle. Each of these locations serves as a symbolic representation of its corresponding historic division within the county.

Every year, an increasing number of towns join in and raise the flag on the 16th of June. This includes towns like Peacehaven, Seaford, Newhaven, Bexhill-on-Sea, Petworth, Shoreham, Slindon, and Worthing. In Newhaven, East Sussex, and Petworth, West Sussex, the Sussex Charter is recited. Furthermore “Sussex-by-the-Sea,” the unofficial county anthem, is sung.

A culture unique to Sussex

While often mistakenly seen as a rural extension of London, Sussex boasts a rich and distinctive culture that rivals any other region. Its cultural uniqueness dates back centuries, with the county being the last Anglo-Saxon kingdom to embrace Christianity. Sussex has long held a reputation for its separateness and distinctiveness from the rest of England. Partly attributed to its geographical features, but also the culture of the area. The southern sea, the northern Weald with its dense forests and clay-rich soil, and the coastal marshes to the east and west all played a role in safeguarding Sussex from significant Norse influence. Consequently, the Germanic culture of the South Saxons remained more preserved here than in other parts of England.

The people of Sussex have a longstanding reputation for independent thinking and a dislike of being controlled, encapsulated in their county motto “We wunt be druv” or “we won’t be driven.” This independent spirit extends to their admiration for the freedom and tolerance of others.

Sussex’s celebrations of art, music and culture

Even today, these enduring characteristics are evident in the county’s celebrations. Strong traditions of bonfire celebrations, a proud musical heritage, and the vibrant and imaginative Brighton Festival and Fringe (the largest arts festival in England) all showcase Sussex’s cultural richness. Drama, colour, music and theater take center stage in many coastal towns. With Hastings having celebrations thoughout the year including its vibrant Fat Tuesday, Jack in the Green and Carnival events. Brighton Pride, one of the UK’s largest and longest-running gay pride parades, exemplifies the expression of independence and acceptance. This spirit has spread across the county, with pride events now taking place in Crawley, Eastbourne, Hastings, and Worthing.

Commercial diversity from creativity to crops

While Sussex is known for its commitment to creativity and commerce, it has also managed to preserve its strong agricultural heritage. With the exception of the coastal strip and the Gatwick Diamond, the county is home to relatively few large towns. However, its commercial landscape is incredibly diverse. Thanks to its close proximity to London and robust economic and transportation infrastructure, Sussex presents an appealing opportunity for businesses across various industries. The Sussex Chamber of Commerce shares this vision and strives to support business growth, advocate for important issues, and drive sustainable economic development within the county.

These are just a few of the reasons why Gold Pebble chooses to celebrate Sussex Day. As a web design and development agency based in Hastings, East Sussex in Sussex, we love to collaborate with local businesses who share our drive and focus. We recognise the potential for developing new business opportunities and fostering skill sets. All the while cultivating expertise within the region, thereby contributing to a brighter and more prosperous future. Our aim is to promote great opportunities both within and for businesses in the area, supporting growth at local, national, and international levels. Above all, we value our team ensuring that we take the time to celebrate our heritage and culture, just as Sussex Day commemorates the achievements of the county.

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