Time for Hastings Jack-In-The-Green festival again!

Hey there, Hastings friends! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the green magic once more? The Hastings Jack-In-The-Green festival is making a triumphant return, promising even more excitement and enchantment than before! 🌿

At Gold Pebble, we’re more than just local web designers – we’re deeply rooted in the Hastings community. As proud residents ourselves, we recognise the significance of supporting local businesses and events that give our town its unique charm. That’s why we’re dedicated to collaborating with local vendors, artisans, and performers to showcase the very best of Hastings. When you join us at the Jack-In-The-Green festival, you’re not only embracing the spirit of spring; you’re also standing alongside us in our mission to foster a thriving and close-knit community. Let’s come together to create cherished memories and celebrate everything that makes our town special.

Discover Hastings Jack-In-The-Green

For those unfamiliar, Hastings Jack-In-The-Green is a cherished local tradition that heralds the arrival of spring in the most whimsical and vibrant fashion imaginable. Picture a captivating parade of fantastical characters adorned in elaborate green attire, dancing through the streets to the beat of lively music, filling the air with enchantment and wonder. It’s a fairy tale come to life right here in our picturesque town.

This year our very own Vicki Goldsmith will be in the procession herself as a Green Lady Guardian! Green Lady Guardians are elemental nymphs and are a big part of the procession on Monday.

On Saturday they will be in the Old Town, Hastings to encourage people to add messages, greenery or flowers to the green Lady’s skirt and keep their collection buckets full!

Save the Date and Location

Mark your calendars from Friday 3rd – Monday 6th May and join in as Hastings comes together to celebrate this timeless tradition and revel in the magic of spring.

What’s in Store?

  • The Green Parade: Prepare to be mesmerised as Jack, the Green Man, leads a procession of Morris dancers, musicians, and other mystical beings through the streets of Hastings.
  • Live Performances: Groove to the rhythms of local bands, enjoy captivating performances, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with your loved ones.
  • Artisanal Delights: Explore stalls brimming with unique crafts, artisanal treasures, and delightful souvenirs to commemorate your experience at Jack-In-The-Green.
  • Culinary Delights: Treat your taste buds to a mouthwatering array of street food, local delicacies, and refreshing beverages to keep you energised throughout the festivities

Get Involved!

Eager to be part of the green magic? Whether you’re a seasoned reveller or a newcomer eager to join the fun, there are countless ways to participate:

  • Dress the Part: Deck yourself out in your most creative green attire and join the procession as we transform Hastings into a sea of emerald splendour.
  • Spread the Word: Help us spread the excitement! Share the news with friends, family, and fellow green enthusiasts, and let’s make this year’s Jack-In-The-Green the talk of the town!

Don’t Miss Out!

Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and green-themed shenanigans as we count down the days to the most enchanting event of the year.

See you there, greenies! 🌱💚

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