We take websites to the next level with API integrations, web applications, custom portals and more!

There is nothing more we like than a challenge, we take over when other agencies find it hard. There is nothing more inspiring than designing and developing great solutions that take an idea to the next level, a site that your customers will want to use and you will see a real benefit from.

  • API Integrations
  • Custom Portals
  • Data Integration
  • Web Applications
See your data clearly
API Integrations
We can use APIs to connect communication points from across multiple sources. This allows data to be shared and systems to talk to each other, meaning your website can offer more connectivity, personalised information or real-time data feeds. These integration points allow your site to read, edit and view information. Examples include:
  • Analytics
  • Live stock management
  • Import external content
  • Data views
The web on the move
Web Applications
We can design and build web applications for mobile and tablets as well as desktops. Information is being consumed in many different ways with mobile frequently being first choice.
  • Mobile first
  • Responsive view
  • Interactive
  • Information on-the-go
Your information in a whole new view
Custom Portals
Our custom portals allow you to integrate multiple sources of data into one, simple view. Whether you need a customer to update their details, send information or create an order we can make it easy to understand. Examples include:
  • Submit support tickets and view updates
  • View Invoices, orders and create estimates
  • Create custom views helping you to understand your data

Helping you to achieve more

We are here to help you to discover the challenges, ask questions and see differently.

“The best projects are those where the obstacle starts as a business need and turns into a solution where others can see value in it too. Often the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Feel free to contact us and we can help you move forwards turning your idea into a dream.”
Advice from our co-founder Dean Hodges

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“The Gold Pebble team did a great job at redesigning our website. They’ve made content management completely hassle-free. Plus, their customer service has been really efficient and supportive.”
Comms secretary at Oxford
“We chose Gold Pebble as unlike many others they took the time to understand what we were looking for and how to work together to achieve it. The relationship is collaborative and flexible to realise a fantastic site. The team really went above and beyond working not only with us but with our 3rd party integrated company. I cannot recommend the team highly enough!”
Ross Davenport, UK Getaways

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Join us for a coffee and a biscuit at our Think Tank and we can help you
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