Incorporating effective Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website

In the dynamic world of online engagement, calls to action (CTAs) play a pivotal role in guiding user interactions and achieving specific goals. While businesses have long recognised the importance of CTAs, the charity sector can also leverage their power to drive meaningful actions and support their missions. In this blog post we’ll delve into the nuances of incorporating useful CTAs on your charity sector website. We’ll explore what effective Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website can look like, how they differ from business CTAs, and provide actionable tips to make them more impactful and results-driven.

The Purpose of Charity/NGO CTAs

Charity/NGO CTAs serve a noble purpose – inspiring compassion, engagement, and support for a cause. Unlike business CTAs, which often focus on sales, charity/NGO CTAs aim to ignite empathy and encourage visitors to take action that contributes to positive change. Whether it’s making a donation, signing up for a volunteering opportunity, or spreading awareness, Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website are the driving force behind meaningful actions.

What can an effective Calls-To-Action on your charity/NGO website look like?

Obviously this is totally dependant on your charities current goals, target audience and maturity but effective CTAs can take a multitude of guises;

“Donate Now”

IntentionClassic Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website, urge visitors to contribute financially to support the cause. Example: “Donate Now to provide clean water to families in need.”
Where to use this?On your homepage, campaign pages, and throughout your website.
When to use this?During fundraising campaigns, emergency appeals, or general support calls.
Show me an exampleCancer Research UK Donation Page

Join Us”

IntentionEncourage visitors to become part of your community by signing up for newsletters, updates, or membership. Example: “Join Us to receive inspiring stories and updates on our initiatives.”
Where to use this?On your homepage, dedicated “Get Involved” or “Join Us” pages.
When to use this?Ongoing, to build a community of supporters.
Show me an exampleOxfam Get Involved Page (also note the great floating “Contact Us” button always visible…)

“Volunteer Opportunities”

IntentionInvite visitors to lend their time and skills to your cause. Example: “Explore Volunteer Opportunities and make a direct impact in your community.”
Where to use this?On a dedicated “Volunteer” or “Get Involved” page.
When to use this?When you have specific volunteering opportunities available.
Show me an exampleBritish Red Cross Volunteer Opportunities

Spread Awareness

IntentionCalls To Action on your charity/NGO website to encourage visitors to share information about your cause on social media platforms. Example: “Spread Awareness by sharing our mission with your network.”
Where to use this?Throughout your website, especially on blog posts and impactful stories.
When to use this?Anytime, to encourage supporters to help amplify your message.
Show me an exampleWWF UK Spread Awareness (Also includes a great example of getting involved with the mini-survey asking about advert types in the bottom right corner!)

Fundraise for Us

IntentionMotivate supporters to create their own fundraising campaigns to raise funds on your behalf. Example: “Start a Fundraiser and rally your friends and family to support our cause.”
Where to use this?On your homepage, dedicated “Fundraise for Us” pages.
When to use this?During specific campaigns or as an ongoing supporter engagement strategy.
Show me an exampleBritish Heart Foundation Fundraise

Sponsor a <blank>”

IntentionCalls To Action on your charity/NGO website to make it personal by offering the opportunity to sponsor a child’s education, health, or well-being. Example: “Sponsor a child and provide them with a brighter future.”
Where to use this?On a dedicated “Sponsorship” page.
When to use this?Ongoing, as sponsorships are a consistent form of support.
Show me an exampleWorld Vision UK Sponsor a Child

Take Action

IntentionEncourage visitors to take a specific action related to your cause, such as signing a petition or participating in a campaign. Example: “Take Action to protect endangered species in your region.”
Where to use this?Throughout your website and campaign-specific pages.
When to use this?During advocacy campaigns or when you need supporters to take a specific action.
Show me an exampleGreenpeace UK Take Action

Shop for a Cause

IntentionIf you have an online store, prompt visitors to make purchases where a portion of proceeds goes to your cause. Example: “Shop for a Cause and support our initiatives with every purchase.”
Where to use this?On your online store’s product pages and checkout process.
When to use this?Ongoing, as part of a fundraising strategy.
Show me an example(RED) Shop and ecommerce via Amazon

“Attend an Event

IntentionCalls To Action on your charity/NGO website to invite visitors to participate in events, webinars, workshops, or fundraising drives. Example: “Attend Our Virtual Event and learn more about our efforts to combat climate change.”
Where to use this?Where: On your website’s “Events” or “Upcoming Activities” section.
When to use this?When: Before scheduled events, webinars, or workshops.
Show me an exampleThe Children’s Respite Trust Enchanted Masquerade Ball

Leave a Legacy

IntentionEncourage supporters to leave a lasting impact by including your charity in their will. Example: “Leave a Legacy of change by remembering us in your will.”
Where to use this?Where: On a dedicated “Legacy Giving” page.
When to use this?When: Ongoing, as part of your long-term fundraising strategy.
Show me an exampleMacmillan Cancer Support Gifts in Wills

Remember, the effectiveness of these Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website depends on how well they align with your organisation’s mission, audience, and goals. Tailoring CTAs to evoke empathy and action will lead to greater engagement and support for your charity’s cause.

Crafting Effective Charity/NGO CTAs

Clear and Compelling Messaging

Charity / NGO CTAs should communicate the urgency and impact of the action. Use concise language that resonates emotionally with your audience, explaining how their contribution can make a difference.

Visual Appeal

Incorporate visually appealing elements like images or graphics that evoke empathy and align with your cause. A well-designed CTA button can draw attention and encourage clicks.


Provide specific information about what the action entails. For example, instead of a generic “Donate Now,” use “Donate $20 to provide a meal for a child in need.”

Differentiating Charity/NGO CTAs from Business CTAs

Charity / NGO CTAs differ from business CTAs in their focus and emotional appeal. While business CTAs often emphasise products or services, charity / NGO CTAs tap into the desire to make a positive impact on the world. Crafting effective charity CTAs requires a deep understanding of your audience’s values and the emotional triggers that motivate them to contribute.

Making Calls-To-Action on your charity website more effective


Weave compelling stories around your cause to create an emotional connection. Use testimonials, case studies, and personal narratives to highlight the real-world impact of your organisation’s work.

Measurable Outcomes

Show donors and supporters the tangible outcomes of their actions. For instance, “Join us to plant 1,000 trees by the end of the year.”


Tailor CTAs to different audience segments based on their interests and engagement history. A returning supporter might respond better to “Continue your impact” than a generic CTA.


Keep the CTA process straightforward. Minimise the steps required for users to complete the action, whether it’s donating, volunteering, or signing up for updates.

In the realm of charity / NGO websites, the power of effective CTAs cannot be understated. These prompts have the ability to transform casual visitors into passionate advocates and supporters. By crafting Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website that resonate emotionally, differentiate from business CTAs, and reflect your organisation’s values, you can inspire action and create a community of change-makers.

At Gold Pebble, we recognise and respect the delicate balance that charities need to maintain between their operational processes and their compassionate objectives. Our core values are closely aligned and team understands that while charities operate with a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact, they also need to adhere to practical business processes to ensure sustainability and effective resource management.

It is essential to recognise the unique dynamics of the charity sector and the role of Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website in driving impact. Charities / NGO often walk hand-in-hand with our core values and we recognise the importance of blending business principles with a more compassionate approach. Together, we can create online experiences that captivate hearts and drive positive change and make more impactful Calls To Action on your charity/NGO website.

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